You completed a quilt top, congratulations!  Hours were spent choosing fabric, cutting it apart and then sewing those pieces back together to make your finished quilt top.  Now it's time to finish your quilt.

Quilts can be long arm quilted in (2) basics ways. 

  1. All over design

  2. Custom Quilting

We have many quilts on display at the THREADS highlighting the skills and techniques of each Quilter.  Any of our Quilters are glad to meet you at the THREADS to discuss the best design for your quilt, thread options, pricing and turn-around time.

Here's what you do:
Bring your completed quilt top to the THREADS during our regular business hours.  We'll contact your chosen long arm quilter.  When the quilt is completed it will be returned to the Shop, we'll notify you and you can pick it up at your earliest convenience.  


We recommend the following Quilters.  Please click on the links for more information:

Harrier House Quilting
Valerie's Longarm Quilting